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Aging & Disability Resource Center:

The Arc-US National Headquarters:

Arc Wisconsin Disability Association:

Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin:

Autism Society of Wisconsin–Resources for persons with autism spectrum disabilities:

Beach Center on Families and Disabilities:

Department of Health Services:

Department of Public Instruction:

Disability Rights Wisconsin — The protection and advocacy system for people with disabilities and Family Care Ombudsman program:

Emergency Disaster Planning:

Emergency Disaster Assistance Registration Form-Dane County:

Epilepsy Foundation Heart of Wisconsin:

Family Support and Resource Center:

Madison School & Community Recreation — a division of the Madison Metropolitan School District that enables people of any age or ability to participate in recreational activities:

Medical Transportation — effective 8-1-13 Medical Transportation Management Inc is the new provider (replacing LogistiCare) to schedule rides for non-emergency medical transportation: Contact Information

National Center on Physical Activity and Disability (Fitness):

National Family Caregivers Association:

Survival Coalition of Wisconsin:

United Cerebral Palsy:

Waisman Center:

Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities — plans and advocates for adequate and appropriate supports for people with developmental disabilities in Wisconsin:

WI FACETS — Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education, Training and Support. Now has the grant for support for children and families under IDEA, the federal school law.

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